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Swinging Again

Benny Waters alto saxophone, vocal
Thilo Wagner piano
Jan Jankeje double-bass
Gregor Beck drums

Benny Waters Quartet - Swinging Again Benny's Bounced Blues
Please don't talk about me when I'm gone
Autumn Leaves
Them there Eyes
Just one of those things
The nearness of you
Strike up the band
Blue Waters
Total time: 60.01

Das Beste von BENNY WATERS überhaupt - sagte er ja selbst. So ein Zufall: Bireli Lagrene ist bei jazzpoint records der jüngste (12jährige) Jazzmusiker aller Zeiten und Benny Waters der Älteste mit 95 1/2 Jahren. Zur Gedächtnisstütze: BENNY WATERS ist derjenige, der bereits 1927 mit dem Mentor von Louis Armstrong Joe "King" Oliver, Plattenaufnahmen gemacht hat.
Als Saxophonist und Vocalist war der Name Benny Waters ein fester Begriff in der internationalen Jazzszene. Der Mainstream-Spezialist spielte erstmals eine Dance-Produktion ein, die auf der Maxi-CD 2009 BENNY & JAN veröffentlicht wurde. Bei"'Let's Talk About Jazz" und der Bearbeitung des Gospel-Songs "Oh When The Saints Go Marchin' In.." ist er als Saxophonist und Rap-Sänger zu hören.
BENNY WATERS "The Grand Old Man on saxophone" Gudrun Endress on SDR (South German Broadcasting) "All those who have met Benny Waters personally recently were certainly surprised by the vitality and joie de vivre that this 92-year-old pioneer of jazz just radiates.". Although he has meanwhile lost his sight completely due to cataracts, he regularly tours Europe, in company. He has spent almost four decades in the Old World, and for many German bands this temperamental, life-loving, eager musician was the first contact they had with a representative of the first jazz generation. He really livened up the old-time and swing scene in this country. Not least of all due to a good measure of showmanship he bewitches the audience even today as he plays on the stage. He has a charismatic effect, comparable to that of Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller or Dizzy Gillespie'. A true Grandsegnor of Jazz.

Am 21. Januar 1997, gratuliert Bill Clinton Benny Waters zu seinem 95. Geburtstag und ehrte ihn: "Over the course of your long and remarkable career, you have helped broaden the horizons of jazz and have made it one of our most-sought-after international exports. Not just a performer, you are a music pioneer, and I thank you for all that you've given us. Have a wonderful celebration"

Benjamin "Benny" Waters (1902- 1998) started his musical career in 1918 in the Charlie Miller Band. After a three year period of study at the Boston Conservatory in the early 30's, he began playing with the stars of the time, Charlie Johnson, King Oliver, Clarence Williams and Claude Hopkins and followed Coleman Hawkins in the Fletcher Henderson Band.
After working with Benny Carter, Hot Lips Page, Jimmie Lunceford, and leading his own formation for several years, he came to Europe with Jimmy Archey in 1952. After fourty years touring mainly as a soloist based in Paris, he returned to N.Y.C. in 1992. Although he is now 95 years old and blind, his playing has lost none of the youth and vitality with which it was always refreshingly coloured.
This recording bears witness to Benny's musical effervescence: his alto saxophone playing emotional but never rude, reminisces on Blue Waters of his time with blues greats Memphis Slim and Roy Milton. His great sens of humour, his friendliness and warmth, his controlled inspiration of the rhythm section Jan Jankeje bass, Thilo Wagner piano and Gregor Beck drums made it clear during recording that Benny is a man with rare qualities, a true Grandsegnor of Jazz.
This recording captures a moment in the long life of a man gifted in music and character. His alto saxophone playing here is a short tribute to a life time in Jazz, a tribute that tells us Benny Waters is mellowing well with the years: a fruity wine, but very, very drinkable.

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