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Le`'s Talk About Jazz

Benny Waters alto-saxophone, vocal
Jan Jankeje bass
Andy Lawrence trumpet
Klaus Graf tenor-saxophone
Alexander Katz trombone
Olaf Polziehn piano
Ellen Ritz vocal

Let`s Talk About Jazz
Oh When The Saints Go Marchin` In
Let`s Talk About Jazz (Instrumental-Version)
Oh When The Saints Go Marchin` In.. (Instrumental-Version)

Total time: 14.01

Als Saxophonist und Vocalist war der Name Benny Waters ein fester Begriff in der internationalen Jazzszene. Der Mainstream-Spezialist spielte erstmals eine Dance-Produktion ein, die auf der Maxi-CD 2009 BENNY & JAN veröffentlicht wurde. Bei LET'S TALK ABOUT JAZZ und der Bearbeitung des Gospel-Songs "OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN` IN.." ist er als Saxophonist und Rap-Sänger zu hören.

Am 21. Januar 1997, gratuliert Bill Clinton Benny Waters zu seinem 95. Geburtstag und ehrte ihn: "Over the course of your long and remarkable career, you have helped broaden the horizons of jazz and have made it one of our most-sought-after international exports. Not just a performer, you are a music pioneer, and I thank you for all that you've given us. Have a wonderful celebration!"

Benny Waters (1902 - 1998)

As saxophonist, clarinetist, and singer the name Benny Waters is a steady institution on the international Jazz scene. Now, for the very first time the Mainstream specialist has recorded a dance production BENNY & JAN "Let's Talk About Jazz" and the new rendition of Gospel song "Oh When The Saints Go Marchin' In.." in which he is heard as saxophonist and rap-singer. Benny Waters was considered to be the world's oldest Live-Jazz musician.

Benny Waters celebrated his 95th birthday on January 23rd, 1997, at New York`s Birdland, together with musician-colleagues. The event was planned to last for 3 days. Benny Waters is considered to be the world's oldes Live-Jazz musician. The Benny Waters Quartet is touring in June ``98.

Benny Waters is the one who recorded as early as 1927 together with Louis Armstrong`s mentor Joe "King" Oliver.Benny Waters fascinates because of his incredibly vital and temperamental performances during all of his concerts.

His friendly way, his laughing, his humor, his announcing, as well as to understand everything on stage as part of the show, of course, his professional attitude in relation to everything around him caused him to become an extreamly popular musician, very much in demand by both fellow musicians and jazz fans.

Bassist Jan Jankeje, is a composer and successful producer of - amongst others - a variety of albums featuring Jaco Pastorius. In this production, he presents himself in an up to now un- known way.
Benny Waters, born January 23rd, 1902 in Brighton, Maryland died in August 11th, 1998. He was the one who recorded as early as 1927 together with Louis Armstrong's mentor Joe "King" Oliver.

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