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Heavy'n Jazz

Broadway Blues
Purple Haze
The third stone from the sun
Teen town
Star spangled banner
Jaco Reggae
Total time: 68.30

This album you’re holding is another sparkling diamond out of the incredible jewelry box of Gertraud Jankejová and her husband and producer Jan Jankeje. After LIVE IN ITALY and HONESTLY, which presented material from the first tour in March, this CD HEAVY'N JAZZ is what we were all waiting for, the documentation of that wonderful concert in Rome, Dec. '86, the tour highlight. Everybody who listens to LIVE IN ITALY will see what a long road those two outstanding musicians have travelled together. A lot of creative work and pursuing private interests throughout the summer and last but not least the support of Serge Bringolf on drums results in that unbelievable intensity and virtuosity that gives this CD it's special character.

As you'll realize soon the second tour is much more rock-related and heavy in it's sounds. Not only what they play (Hendrix, Deep Purple) but how they play it, especially the immensely powerful and pushing guitar of Bireli Lagrene and the hammering bass, shows how open-minded these musicians were. It makes this CD really HEAVY'N JAZZ.

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