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Going To New York
Pick That Thing "Dedicated To Albert Lee"
Long Lost Love
Honky Tonk Train Blues
Free My Mind
Weinsberg Dance With Me
When The Saints
Caravan "A Tribute to Charly Antolini"
Me And My Guitar
Bonus Tracks:
Look On Yonder Wall
Shake That Boogie


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OSCAR KLEIN is notorious as an impetuous hot trumpeter, bluesy guitarist and harmonica-player, as well as lately as a clarinetist. As early as 1948 he was captivated by the blues when he heard the Ladnier-Mezzrow recording of "If You See Me Comin'" featuring the guitarist and singer Teddy Bunn, and at the same time encountered Big Bill Broonzy, Montana Taylor and Jazz Gillum on V-disc. These first impressions shaped his entire career, which meanwhile spans more than fifty years. His playing of all four instruments is bluesy throughout.
For about 30 years now he has been discovering and supporting young and unknown musicians, such as Klaus Doldinger, Gregor Beck, Barbara Dennerlein, Engelbert Wrobel, Isla Eckinger, Lindy Huppertsberg, Charly Höllering, to name but a few. He leads through the set with humorous and profound announcements in five languages and is welcome in all of Europe.

KATIE KERN, the group's sensation, is a young, attractive Viennese woman with an unbridled love of music and her guitars. She is capable of a variety of blues styles with a surprising amount of technique and a lot of "feeling". At the same time she's a rousing singer with a timbre of her own. Blues is her specialty, but her interests range from folk to country and to jazz. She was already well-known on the Vienna scene when OSCAR KLEIN discovered her and took her along to important appearances abroad, where she was enthusiastically received everywhere. On the PICK-A-BLUES CD she plays a leading role, and also proves her talent as a composer and lyricist.

JAN JANKEJE is from Bratislava and, together with his wife Getraud, he is co-owner of jazzpoint records. His main activity, however, is playing the bass, which he does like nobody else. He is known for his swinging rhythm, which is founded in the best tradition. As a solo player he defies all attempts at cate-gorization. From melodious phrases with eastern mellifluous-ness he switches suddenly to a machinegun salvo of notes, occasionally reminiscent of free jazz. Visually he is also an attraction: At times he seems to be fighting with his bass, but then harmony is restored again.

CHRIS NEMET, at 25 the baby of the band, is from Hungary and may well be called an extraordinary talent. First of all his versatility; he masters swinging mainstream, blues, boogie, stride and who knows what else with perfection. Then there's his friendly and relaxed manner, which playe an essential part in the CD's success. His solo piece "Blue Dreams", which was recorded around one a.m., is a little masterpiece, and it came as even more of a surprise when he revealed that this had been his first recording session at all. HEINI ALTBART, still young, is from Vienna and is a born drummer. Originally inspired by the great Charly Antolini, he has found his own style. Technically, he is more than gifted, and this becomes apparent in his highly attractive solos. He is also a sensitive accompanist. Always in a good mood, he spreads cheer as soon as he appears. He never misses a chance to enrich his solos with tasteful show effects.

OSCAR KLEIN makes his concerts entertaining by regularly providing historical information and examples. Because of its stylistic versatility, the group PICK-A-BLUES fits every festival format.
A new star rises Lives blues - jazzpoint records goes DVD Bassist Jan Jankeje joins forces with Oscar Klein and Katie Kern WEINSBERG: Hot off the press is the first ever DVD from the Weinsberg, Germany-based label "jazzpoint records". Now you can not only listen to blues, country and jazz performances on vinyl or CD, you can even watch them: OSCAR KLEIN'S "PICK-A-BLUES live"is the title of this groovy disk.

Felix Hassenfratz, a student in Cologne, produced this recording of a concert for young businesspeople of the Heilbronn-Franconia region in southwestern Germany at the Öhringen college of commerce on July 11, 2003. You can experience authentically and live the nonchalant and unflappable performance as both announcer and musician of OSCAR KLEIN, the trumpeter, guitarist and harmonica-player born in Graz, Austria in 1930. A big surprise is young KATIE KERN from Vienna, an expressive guitarist in the country-blues vein and a skilled vocalist. Smart Heini Altbart, the third Austrian in the line-up, captivates the audience with a breathtaking twenty-minute drum solo based on the Duke Ellington hit "Caravan". Jan Jankeje, the Slovakian-born bassist (and producer) who defies categorization, pays homage to his new hometown with a swinging air "Weinsberg, Dance With Me". With "Mood", the Hungaro-Yugoslav pianist Chris Nemet shows his brilliance as a versatile composer and skilled improviser.
As a bonus the DVD contains informative interviews conducted by Hans Kumpf with this quintet, which was founded in August 2001. Hans Kumpf also took the stills.
This unique DVD - as well as the CD of the same title recorded earlier - can be obtained from jazzpoint records.

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