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Eduardo Niebla
Eduardo Niebla nylon string guitar
Antonio Forcione nylon and steel string guitars
Rufus Philpott bass guitar
Paul Clavies percussion
Simon Lee percussion and clapping

Haciendo Camino
The Long Winter

Total time: 42.11

EDUARDO NIEBLA and ANTONIO FORCIONE, Spanish and Italian guitarist respectively, were one of the undisputed highlights of this year's Glostonbury festival. Flamenco, jazz, classical - all interplayed with almost telepathic understanding, all performed with robust, loving passion und great melodic fire. Quite simply brilliant.

CD jp 1035 Den Versuch, Jazz und Flamenco zu verbinden, hat es oft gegeben. Nur selten indes kam eine so gelungene Synthese heraus wie bei diesem Gitarrenduo. Der in England lebende Italiener Forcione verkörpert in seinem Spiel die jazzige, der Spanier Niebla die folkloristische Note. Begleitet von dezenter Rhythmusgruppe liefern sich die beiden ein ebenso hitziges wie einfühlsames Saitenduell.
Rhein Main Presse 17.6.1994

Antonio Forcione has represented Italy in several international guitar festivals, playing solo and in duo with some of the top names in the guitar world such as Barney Kessel, Martin Taylor, Bireli Lagrene, Vic Juris, Juan Martin, Jorge Morrel and John Etheridge. He plays regularly in a duo with pianist Huw Warren and toured in the May 1992 international guitar festivals in Switzerland and Italy with the Croation composer Ljubo Majstorovic, synth-guitar. Performances as a trio with John Paricelli and John Etheridge have served as a further outlet to his matchless versatility. 1992 also saw him for the second time in the Noel Edmund's Roadshow on BBC television, as well as appearing on MTV television.

Keen to explore every theatrical and creative aspect of performance as a whole, he has become one of a trio with Paul Morocco in the musical comedy theatre production, "OlÈ" acting and arranging music. They won several prizes at the 1992 Edinburgh Festival "including the British Gas Award for Excellence, a Daily Express prize for best new act of the year, as well as being awarded one of 1992's top performers by Time Out magazine". One of the most rousing sounds on the Fringe ... "Time Out". They have appeared on BBC and MTC television in England and Scotland and took Germany by storm in the 1992 Köln Comedy Festival which resulted in a TV show for German ZDF television. Most recently they did a live TV performance for NDR TV in Hamburg, Germany, as part of the 1993 New Year Festival.

Antonio has written the soundtracks for several films and documentaries such as the "Heron Film". "Balasteros" and the "Rough Guide to Places Around the World" for BBC television. His compositions have been chosen and recorded for several major musical libraries such as Music without Frontiers, Virgin Records. Big Life Music Library, Spanish Guitar Collection, Chappel Music to mention but a few.

Eduardo Niebla ist the - totally different - other half of the combination, namely the Spanish one - the seventh of eleven kids of Andalusian parents, who was born in 1955 in Tangier, into a highly musical family in which later the Niebla brothers Josè and Salvador would enjoy considerable international reputation. In 1968 - when not only Bob Dylan's spectacular conversion from acoustic guitar to electric, a sacrilege for purists, appeared in restrospect as nothing less than a political move - Eduardo joined the group "Metafora" where he then also played electric. With "Metafora" he undertook extensive tours of Eastern Spain's concert-hall and festival circuits. Five years later, the guitarist decided to go professional and as early as 1973 he founded the group "Atila", for which he now composes, primarily works inspired by classic-rock much in the genres of Focus in Holland and The Nice, later Emerson, Lake & Palker in Britain.The group appears to have been successful enough to cut three albums. "The Beginning of the End", for New Promotions, "Intention", for BASF and " Reviure", for EMI. Two years later he again discovered new inspirations, as guitar player for the concept artist Jaune Xifra and the Arab Theatre of Paris. Niebla has become a full-grown musical cosmopolitan, a nature crosser of cultural frontiers, who soon became a regular guest on Spanish TV and on practically all Jazz and crossover festivals in his country, being honoured with numerous prizes and awards. And the old LPs recorded with "Atila" are now among the most searched-for collectors' items in his home country. Rumour has it that on today's collectors' market offers have risen to about 150 English Pounds per record.

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