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For the Music

Vic Juris guitar
Tim Hagans trumpet
Jay Anderson bass
Jeff Hirshfield drums

For The Music
If I Should Lose You
Folk Song
A Weaver Of Dreams
You Don't Know What Love is
For Emily
Back Row Hi Jinx

Total time: 53.63

In essence, a Jazz group occupies its time engaged in the art of conversation. Four players improvising over a musical structure usually have sign posts along the way which serve to guide the musical conversation along certain lines of thought. These guidelines may appear as an harmonic progression or melodic line of some sort, etc. The similarity to an actual verbal conversation when there is a mutually agreed upon subject under discussion is obvious. The challenge and goals are similar: to express one's view within the context of the subject matter talking into consideration and respecting each of the other participant's feelings and thoughts.

When successful, the result is group consensus and a unified vision. But, there is after all, quite subtle, because a musical image, though quite clear to experienced musicians is by its nature open to multiple definitions. Therefore, for high level group communication to take place, the individuals involved must be both skillful and empathetic to each other.

Guitarist VIC JURIS has put together just such a group with very satisfying results. Although the recording is under the guitarist's name as a leader, it is apparent that the group concept was foremost. This is definitely not a leader/sideman type of recording. There is a unity of purpose here which should be apparent to any interested listener. In fact, this quartet is constructed of two smaller duos. The bass/drum team of Jay Anderson and Jeff Hirshfield are very keyed into each other as one would expect from the fact that they are much in demand for such occasions. With the itinerant nature of the contemporary Jazz scene where musicians often come together for only one or two short-lived projects, it is rare these days to have such a strong rhythm section team. On the other side, Vic and trumpeter Tim Hagans are highly empathetic, melodically and harmonically. The resulting interaction works excellently as it has throughout Jazz history when strong parings of musicians play together.
Another aspect which is apparent here is the depth of these musician's experience heard by the variety of musical formats presented. As leader, and thereafter the final judge of the presentation, this is a direct reflection of Vic's wide musical background. The quintessent New York guitarist, Juris has recording and performing credits with the likes of Phil Wood, Al Cohn, Jimmy Smith, Sonny Stitt, Mel Torme, Gary Peacock and others as well as three previous dates as a leader. His ability to play comfortably in a wide variety of contexts is clearly demonstrated throughout this recording. Along with a flawless technique, crisp time and articulation and a beautiful sound, we are hearing a mature artist on all accounts.The material features both standards and originals ranging from the free bop line Victim to the rubato For the Music. The harmonically demanding For Emily dedicated to the late Emily Remler, "You Don't Know What Love Is" receives a fresh point of view, evidenced especially by Hagan's clever use of chromaticism. In fact, Tim shines throughout as he avoids melodic clinches and uses a daring harmonic approach in his style.
Overall, Vic Juris presents a highly musical recording, devoid of any pretense or use of gimmicks. How refreshing it is to hear four fine musicians truly conversing together - "For the Music". David Liebman CD jp 1034 David Liebmann "Vic Juris presents a highly musical recording, devoid of any pretense or use of gimmicks. How refreshing it is to hear four fine musicians truly conversing together".

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